Lambert will be back on Idol's stage..

Adam Lambert

That’s true, Adam Lambert Tweeted about him performing on the stage that gave him all his current fame, he said: “Yes, I have been booked on Idol! Can’t reveal the date yet but it’s a ways off… So excited. Kris and Allison were awesome last night.”

Are you going to watch that performance, i sure will, that guy is really talented, and just the idea of him back in front of the judges is amazing.. Maybe Paula will be there too?? we’ll have to wait and see..

Politicians Too?? that's too much…

People are so obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart that not only fans and Paparazzi are after them, but also politicians are after them.. A British politician Council member Nicolas Clark was in London pub last Tuesday where he spotted the Twilight stars, and what did he do?? just like any other normal politician, he took the story to his twitter: “In The Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart,” he added “From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips. R+K were acting like a couple.” I’m sure that England is so proud of you Nick, yeah i can call you Nick, because you know what, you represent no one my friend, this is unacceptable, and very childish of you, what are you a 15 year old girl??

Can you Imagine Julianne Moore in a comedy movie?

Julianne Moore

I sure can’t imagine this happening, but she really wants to change her serious roles in movies , cause she thinks that people will get bored eventually. Well she has a point, but comedy?? i don’t think that she can do comedy.. She wants to be in a movie like Cameron Diaz There’s Something About Mary, she said:

“I though Cameron Diaz was great in that movie. I really enjoy watching all that kind of stuff. Really you want to have variety as an actor. If you spend your career doing one thing solidly, people get burned out. I like any kind of situational comedy. It breaks my heart that I’m not going to be in it.”

What do you think?? will you watch a comedy movie

Gatorade.. Shame on you..

Gatorade endorsement was officially dropped, they want nothing to do with the golf player after all the millions they gained from his fame, but one mistake they drop everything and walk away.. Well i guess that’s how business works, no friendships in this greedy world.. spokeswoman Jennifer Schmit said in a statement “We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship,” and she added “We wish him all the best.” they will no longer work with Tiger Woods, but they promised that they will continue on supporting his charity.. That’s good, but not that good..

According to TMZ Tiger’s agent released the following statement: “We have been in discussions with Gatorade, and while we are disappointed they have decided to not continue with Tiger in their marketing plans, we appreciate their continued involvement with Tiger through his foundation.”

It’s cool Tiger, they’ll get back to you crying i’m sure of that.. That doesn’t mean we support your mistakes, but we believe in second chances, and you deserve to prove that you’re a changed man now..

Internet Hosting Statistics

It seems we are off to a good start with the data being processed continously, and the most important functions implemented on the website, We should be displaying very valuable data very soon.

Now, the name will probably be Stats Infinity, Stats short for Statistics, and Infinity to tell the world we intend to save historical data forever, and we intend to make history of a server, a domain, or an IP address available at all times.

We have just started today, so not much is displayed yet, we will be starting by displaying nameserver data, then mail server data, Web, then any other relations.

We will also have aggrigate statistics of almost everything we can think of.

For example, you can already find out how many domain names actually use godaddy’s nameservers by simple checking statistics about domains that point to the nameservers under DOMAINCONTROL.COM

Please let us know of your comments and suggestions, we would be very grateful

Rihanna thinks collaborating with Lady Gaga is a wonderful idea..

Gaga and Rihanna

So do we, and we want this to happen really soon, Rihanna was asked if she would sing with Lady Gaga, and that’s what she said:

“A collaboration between GaGa and myself would be really cool because we do a similar type of music and we both really love fashion, so I’m sure it’ll be a hot video. I would love to collaborate with her.”

Kellan Lutz for Peta…

Kellan Lutz, the Twilight saga star is the new face for Peta’s Adopt don’t buy campaign ads which shows Kellan hugging his rescued mixed-breed dog Kola and reads, “Buying Animals Is Killing Animals. Save a Homeless Dog or Cat—Always Adopt and Never Buy.” I really love this campaign, cause really buying animals will make more animals die in shelters, so adopt don’t buy.. By the way his dog looks really awesome.. i’m just saying..

Mathew, Tag you're it..

Mathew Fox, Mathew Mathew Mathew, sorry bro, it’s your turn.. Mathew Fox, aka Dr. Jack Shephard from lost, is gonna get into real trouble, if he didn’t already, we don’t know if the story is true or not, but the guy supposedly cheated on his wife, with a stripper called Stefani Talbott.. A cab driver claims she took Matthew and Stefani to Stefani’s townhouse, the driver told the Enquirer : “They kissed and touched each other in the cab,” [cab driver] Watson told the Enquirer. She picked them up at Talbott’s home an hour and a half after dropping them off and said, “they were more romantic than before, kissing a lot more and hugging each other.”

You know what.. i don’t believe it.. it’s not true.. im telling you, noo need for the guy to defend himself, this is b.s.

Chris Brown supports Tiger Woods.

Chris Brown thinks that Tiger Wood’s situation is similar to what happened with him (when he gave Rihanna a new face). He thinks that people should leave Tiger alone, saying that his personal life is his personal life and it’s no ones business..

"My hat is off to Tiger Woods I support him."

Brown said:  My hat is off to [Tiger Woods] — I support him.” and he added “Whatever his personal life is — and I think this goes for me and him — his personal life is his personal life,” he also said “I do music, I sing songs, like, I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer, but people make mistakes,” he added “So my hat is off to him — I support him, I hope he gets back on the field and does his thing, cause he is the best at it.”

Well some how Brown’s situation is similar to Wood’s situation, both are scandals, but personally i think that Brown’s mistake is much much bigger.. and the personal life thing, well this is the price of fame man, you do well you get praised, you do wrong, you get slammed.. welcome to Hollywood…