First Poster for ‘Yogi Bear’ the movie

The first poster for the movie “Yogi Bear” has been revealed…

The movie talks about Yogi and Boo Boo’s attempt to save only home they’ve ever known (Jellystone Park) after Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and sell the land because it has been losing business… To be able to save their home, Yogi and Boo Boo will ask their old nemesis Ranger Smith to help them in their mission…

Yogi Bear Arriving in theaters on December 17th in 3D in select theaters….

Here’s the first Yogi Bear Movie Poster ….

THE PRETTY RECKLESS ‘Light Me Up’ Album Cover Revealed!

THE PRETTY RECKLESS ‘Light Me Up’ Album Cover was posted on with a message that reads: EXCLUSIVE! We wanted our fans to be the first to see – check out the album cover art for ‘Light Me Up’, out in the UK 30th August!

Looks Pretty good…

I quit smoking the easy way

I can not seem to be able to find that post i wrote 7 months ago about how i quit smoking, but since i think my experience is a very important one, i think i should tell you all about it all over again

On January 1st 2010, i woke up happy that this new years, i did not set a new year resolution (since new years resolutions usually last through the first day of the new year at best),

And at the beginning of what seemed like any other day, i started my daily routine by locating my pack of cigarettes, unfortunately (and later fortunately) there was no pack, i didn’t have any cigarettes left.

So i got into the car and headed for the supermarket, on the way to the supermarket i stopped by a pharmacy to get something for a mild headache i had, and there was a big poster saying quit smoking with nicortell or something like that.

But before we get into that, let me tell you something about my previous attempts to quit smoking, i tried everything, i used to tell people that quitting is so easy, i quit smoking over 300 times in my lifetime ! i tried nicotine patches by many manufacturers, i tried nicotine chewing gum, i tried everything

Anyway, i asked the girl behind the counter if the nicotine lozenges are as bad as the gum, the gum (i remember it was probably made in Sweden) was awful , it tasted awful, and it gave that burn feeling.

the girl told me that they are mint flavored and i should not feel anything such as what i am describing right here.

So i got myself a pack, and off i went, i got into the car, and decided to go get a pack of cigarettes anyway, because i felt that i am not going to quit anything.

In the meantime, while i was driving back home, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms were so obvious i can feel my craving for nicotine, and somehow i can small it ! in the super market, i could smell the food that is in the fridge !

Now with the massive craving, i decided to try one of those lozenges rather than a cigarette, i opened the pack, and stored the thing between my teeth and my cheeks as instructed by the pharmacist, and what do you know, i feel that lovely “Morning nicotine intoxication” not to the dizzy extent, but i certainly feel it.

The joy of sucking on the lozenge was not even close to the feeling a cigarette would have given me, but it did stop the (i need the cigarette right now) feeling, and to a certain extent, it DID give me that kick i get from a cigarette, but it was far more evident to me because my craving was so severe, and the lozenge resolved my problem.

Now, my pack was still in my pocket, and i had every intention to smoke, but the pack did a different kind of magic no one ever thought of, it gave me a sense of security, the feeling that cigarettes are available if i ever need them, the pack stayed sealed in it’s plastic wrap for a week, making me feel good that i am in no corner, and nothing is mandatory.

Anyway, as the week progressed, quitting stopped feeling so hard, after 1 week, i could easily throw away the pack of cigarettes knowing that the lozenges can save me whenever i have nicotine cravings ! i could feel the habit dyeing slowly.

On the third day, i noticed that i consumed 2 many lozenges, when in reality, not every lozenge i took was to resolve a craving, i found out that i was consuming most simply for “Food oral gratification”, so i went to the supermarket and got chewing gum, sweets, and other things that melt slowly in the mouth.

even though i was not hard on myself to slow down on the lozenges, i did put some effort to cut down on the lozenges consumption, and i did go down from 15 a day to 4 or 5 a day, with the help of the sweets and candy surely.

The Lozenge consumption went down on it’s own, until one day, at around 4 o’clock, i asked myself where the lozenges were, and i remembered that my pack finished the day before, this is when i knew i no longer needed them, but i got myself a pack of lozenges anyway just in case, that pack lasted over 3 weeks and i still have some of it in the car, i did not use it all, and i did not even remember to take most of it, i just used some before and after beer sometimes.

The bottom line.

1- Divide and conquer, First get rid of the habit by feeding your addiction lozenges then get rid of the addiction (which is an addiction mild enough to die on it’s own if there is no habit to support it)

2- Always have a pack of cigarettes around to kill your insecurity, the insecurity feeling gets your brain into a loop that keeps reminding it of cigarettes all the time, keep a pack in your pocket until your insecurities shift from cigarettes to lozenges

3- Don’t talk to people about it, if they notice you are not smoking, just say i quit a long time ago (Don’t tell them you are struggling with quitting at the moment)

4- Be happy, don’t think about it all the time, and give yourself plenty of lozenges on the first few days (along with sweets and candy).

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Lucy and Edmund and their mean spirited little cousin Eustace Clarence are drawn into Narnia again through a magical painting , to join their friend King Caspian in his mission to fulfill his promise to Aslan to find the seven lost Lords of Narnia .

Make sure to watch the movie and join your favorite characters in their magical journey in Narnia, be part of the adventure, meet new characters, and new creatures in a 3D experience that you will never forget.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Directed by Michael Apted) in theaters December 10th, 2010.

Enjoy the trailer:

$tinky's interview with Paper Magazine

Magazines are still interested to interview this Ke$ha person and i really have no idea why….. Paper Magazine had nothing better to do than interviewing Kesha, and for some reason, they asked her about her opinion about transvestites, possibly going country “hopefully not coz i love country”, her love for DIY tattooing, being a ‘pervert’ aka $tinky, her pick-up methods in bars, and whether Jack Daniels is really her drink of choice….

You ask stupid people stupid question, what did you expect them to ask her?? peace solution in the Middle-East???

Check out her amazing answers:

On transvestites:
Freaks are what make everything mildly more interesting in life but with trannies, they make me want to be a better woman. I see these men who have way better bodies than I do, more beautiful faces, better complexions, beautiful makeup, and they’re more fun than any person I’ve met in my life. They make me feel like I’m not a very good woman.

On possibly going country:
I’m really inspired by country music — my mom wrote country music — and I love Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. I think at some point there might be some country collaborations or records in the future. But I’m also really digging being called, like half jokingly, a white girl rapper. I think it’s really funny and I’m going to ride that train for a little bit.

On her love for DIY tattooing:
A friend of mine told me you can [create a tattoo] with pen ink and a safety pin and I was like ‘That’s amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel.’ I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like ‘Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?’ I think I got an admirer out of that one.

On being a ‘pervert:
I wouldn’t say I’m aggressive, but I’m a pervert. I have a gold Trans Am and my favorite thing to do in the world is to drive around blasting Zeppelin or Sabbath, cat calling dudes. It doesn’t work, but it’s fun.

On her pick-up methods in bars:
I usually do something ridiculous like send him over a shot of whiskey and then spank him. Something like that.

On whether Jack Daniels is really her drink of choice:
I like whiskey and I like red wine –  those are my two favorites. I love to lie around my house listening to vinyl records and drinking red wine. It’s amazing. But I’m never home, so…

Supernatural Season 6: Jensen Ackles

Check out this interview with Jensen Ackles talking about Season 6 of one of the most popular shows on TV at 2010 Comic Con.

One of the interesting things that Jensen said about his character Dean Winchester:

“I think there was always a piece of Dean that wanted to make an effort to live a normal life”

I am a Supernatural fan, and i watched all 5 seasons a thousand times, yeah i’m that obsessed with the show, and honestly until Sara came in the picture, i never felt that Dean ever wanted to live a normal life, i always felt that he was running away from a “normal life” as much as he could… But hey, who am i to question THE DEAN… maybe they’ll show things in season 6 that will explain more about this..

Check out the interview:

SEO and the canonical page

Early last year, on the google blog, there was an article at ( that told us to make specify as the canonical name if you want to appear in search engines.

Yet, godaddy has it in reverse, if you visit, you can clearly see the canonical page is set to to, yet when searching for godaddy, google still displays

The exact Canonical name meta tag is like this on the godaddy website

    <link rel="canonical" href=""/>

My own explanation: It seems (i think) google has certain exceptions like the default index page, where google knows the names of the popular default index pages, and treats them as an exception .

I would love to hear everybody’s thoughts about this

Cheers, and have a nice weekend everyone.